Boy Scout Troop 716 Permission Slips


2017-October-20 Elk Neck Biking

- Elk Neck Biking Permission Form


2017-September-29 Shenandoah Rafting

- Shenandoah Rafting Permission Form

- Shenandoah River Outfitters Waiver Form


2017-August-18 Brunswick Tubing

- Brunswick Tubing Permission Form

- Online Brunswick Tubing Waiver Link here:   


2017-July-11 to July-24 Philmont


2017-June-25 to July-1 Summer Camp!


2017-May-5 to May-7 Camporee

- Camporee Flyer


2017-April-21 Manidokan Camping

- Manidokan Permission Form

- Caving Information - what to bring

- GO Adventures Waiver Form


2017-March-17 Manidokan Camping



2017-February-24 Rodney Camping

- Rodney Permission Form


2017-January-6 Ski Trip and Cabin Camping

- Ski Trip Permission Form

- Skiing Information

- Rental Agreement Form